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A Continuous Integration approach for Kotlin projects cover image
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A Continuous Integration approach for Kotlin projects

Continuous integration Continuous integration is one of the words that you often hear nowadays. I remember not really getting it when I…

Publishing an obfuscated kotlin library cover image
kotlin,  automation,  gradle

Publishing an obfuscated kotlin library

Being an android developer, I’ve heard about code obfuscation pretty early in my career. Since it’s preconfigured in android’s gradle plugin…

Continuous Kotlin Static Analysis cover image
kotlin,  automation,  devops

Continuous Kotlin Static Analysis

What is it anyway? Static analysis is a way to find errors and other issues in a source code without actually executing it (hence, static…

The First Way cover image
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The First Way

The idea behind the First Way is that by identifying, measuring, and improving the flow of work through our value stream, we can optimize…

A primer cover image
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A primer

Recently, I’ve been trying to improve my understanding of good CI and CD practices and I often saw this word: . I mean, I thought I sort of…

Type safe scripts cover image
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Type safe scripts

Ever had a hard time trying to make sense of a bash script? What if you could replace that with kotlin?

Setting up MockServer cover image
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Setting up MockServer

Using MockServer to test in isolation.